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Discover Wallonia through its countryside and cities

  • 11 days
  • Medium
  • all year
  • 593 km
  • 518 m
  • 486 m

Enjoy an 11 days trip around Wallonia. Discover Wallonia in all its forms: cities, countryside, nature, tourist attractions, varieties of landscapes and also enjoy the gastronomy that Wallonia has to offer! A whole trip that will leave you with an unforgettable memory.

Last Update: Feb 10, 2022

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Detailed itinerary

If you want to rent a bike, visit the Pro Velo shop at Liège train station. If you have your own bike, just hit the road!

Day 1: EuroVelo 5 Brussels - Wavre (52km - 4h)

The starting point for your trip is in Ixelles at Pro Velo. From there, cross the different, connected quarters of the city to Bois de la Cambre, one of the most beautiful green spaces in Brussels. Then, leave the city and continue your route for a dozen kilometres at the edge of the Sonian Forest until you reach the Waterloo Battlefield.

Then, after a rest stop, cycle to Domaine Solvay and make a detour towards the Fondation Folon, in the castle’s farm to discover the touching world of this world-renowned Belgian artist. After that, leave La Hulpe to reach Lake Genval at kilometre 42 and to enjoy a well-earned break in front of the lake. Finally, continue to the city of Wavre to spend a night and enjoy the many small restaurants of the city center.

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Day 2: EuroVelo 5 Wavre - Namur (67km - 5h)

After a good breakfast, get ready to spend the day passing through the countryside of Hesbaye, also known as the breadbasket of the country! When leaving Wavre, pass by the the Provincial Park of the ‘Bois des Rêves’.

Then, reach the neighbouring student city of Louvain-la-Neuve and drop by the the Hergé Museum to experience the adventures of Tintin and Snowy. Then cycle a dozen kilometres to Villers Abbey , a gem of the exceptional heritage of Belgium. Launched on your bike, pass by century-old farms and then continue the route to Namur, the starting point for your second leg!

After having dropped off your bags, drop by the Citadel of Namur, an unmissable visit that will plunge you into the heart of history. To top off the evening, the charming city of Namur has plenty of restaurants to tickle your taste buds.

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Day 3: EuroVelo 3 Namur – Liège (68km - 5h)

Today, get ready to follow the footsteps of the ‘Meuse by bike’ from RAVeL. Follow the rural route for a dozen kilometres and stop at the charming town of Huy. Pass by Tihange then mount your bike and get ready for a couple of small inclines, but you won’t mind them when you see the landscapes! Just before you arrive in the Cité Ardente, take a little tour of the Pays des Terrils de Saint Nicolas to discover the difficult work of mining coal.

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Day 4: Liège – Durbuy (71km - 6h)

Today you’re en route to Durbuy, the smallest city in the world! Start your journey by following the Meuse and pedal on the RAVeL for about thirty kilometres. About halfway, at kilometre 35, go discover the Cave of Comblain. Then take the RAVeL again until the Domaine de Palogne and Château de Logne. On the Ardennes Route, you can watch the changing landscapes on the approach of this natural region, with its rocky massifs, large rivers and classic houses. After this long leg and the beautiful inclines, you will arrive in Durbuy, the Perle of the Ardennes!

Day 5: Durbuy – Rochefort (53km - 4h)

You’re already at the halfway point! To start your day in the Pays de Famenne, first visit the Parc des Topiaires and allow yourself to be surprised by the plant sculptures bordering the Ourthe with an exceptional view of the Château de Durbuy. And if you want to swap your mount for a kayak one morning, take a trip on the Ourthe. Then return to your journey and after 15km stop at the Maison des Mégalithes to discover the menhirs of the first farmers of 5000 years ago. Continue your route on the RAVeLS to Hotton. There is a little more than 20km left to cycle before you reach your destination. On your route, make a stop at the Rochefort Abbey where you will be able to taste the famous Trappist beer of the same name.

Day 6: Rochefort – Anhée (58km - 4h)

Today towards the heart of the valley of the Molignée! Start your day by following the RAVeL and after 10 kilometres, go to visit the famous caves of Han-sur-Lesse the wildlife park. Then, get back on your bike and on the RAVeLs, reach the Château de Lavaux-Sainte-Anne classed as a major heritage site in the Walloon region. Continue your bike ride and get ready for a little climb for the next kilometres. At kilometre 45, visit something amazing: the Autrucherie du Pont d’Amour! After having learned everything about the exotic ostriches, go to Dinant and make the most of a break in this unusual locale. Then, cycle a few more kilometres along the Meuse before leaving the river and following the direction of Anhée, an oasis of rivers and paradise for cyclists and spend the night in this village.

Day 7: Anhée – Walcourt (42km - 3h)

The 7th day of discovering Wallonia will be a little gentler than the others. From Anhée, follow the Molignée river and if you want to experience a draisine for a couple of kilometres, a marriage between a quadracycle and a wagon, make a detour to the draisines of Molignée. Continue to the Maredsous Abbey and taste the beer and cheese made on the premises. A little bit further along, you have Maredret, village of multiple handicrafts and the Maredret Abbey. Afterwards, cycle through pastures, copses and incised valleys. Finally, you will arrive at Walcourt to spend the night. Fancy a break? You can enjoy a day at the Eau d’Heure lakes.

Day 8: Walcourt – Charleroi (50km - 3h30)

Just a few steps from the Eau d’Heure Lakes, you will leave in the direction of the rich industrial heritage of the city of Charleroi. Join the RAVeL and on the route to Thuin, pass through Ragnies, one of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia and make a detour of 19 kilometres to the Distillerie de Biercée which produces both gin and whisky. In Thuin explore the paved medieval city, known for its hanging gardens and belfry, which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage list. After this stop in the medieval city, discover little by little the flora and fauna on the border of the Sambre, sprinkled with picturesque locks and old barges. Take advantage of Aulne’s Cistercian abbey. Finally, watch the natural countryside that turns into industrial sites whose charm is in the discovery of their history before arriving in Charleroi.

Day 9: Charleroi - Mons (67km - 4h)

Prepare to have a front-row seat for this day to contemplate the rich industrial heritage of the coal mines and the famous hydraulic lifts within nature that reclaimed its place, invading slag heaps and derelict factories.

Leave Charleroi and at 28km on your route, take a break around the park and gardens of the the Château of Seneffe. Then, get back on your bike and pedal to the Canal du Centre historique, vestige of the historical heritage recognised as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Then, after 5km by bike, you will cross Bois-du-Luc ecomuseum, a remarkable mining village preserved in its entirety. Continue your discovery of this region rich in industrial history to the Strépy-Thieu boat lift , an exceptional funicular work. You will end your route on the RAVeL to Mons.

Day 10 : Mons-Ath (47km - 3h)

For this 10th day, you will go towards the Terre des Géants (Giants' land)! After a few kilometres, take the time to climb the Terril du Crache, which will offer you a breathtaking view on the Chaîne des Terrils Boraine. Continue to reach the Grand-Hornu. After 35 kilometres, visit the unmissable Château de Belœil ‘the Belgian Versailles’! Then pedal for another 15km to reach Ath, the City of the Giants.

Day 11: Ath - Brussels (65km - 5h)

For this last leg, leave Ath and follow the countryside routes for about 20 kilometres to the Domaine d’Enghien, which is part of the exceptional Park & Gardens heritage in Walloonia. Allow you a little time to discover the park and the château.

Then continue in the direction of Hal and discover the Bois de Hal, which attracts thousands of visitors every year during the blooming of the hyacinths in the month of April. Then gently go up towards the capital and make a stop in one of the picturesque villages of Pajottenland, known for their fruity beers. Finally, reach the capital and after a few turns of the pedals, you will arrive at the Grand Place de Bruxelles for the end of your adventure!

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Resume of the tour

  • Day 1: EV 5 Brussels - Wavre (52km - 4h)
  • Day 2: EV 5 Wavre - Namur (67km - 5h)
  • Day 3: EV 3 Namur – Liège (68km - 5h)
  • Day 4: Liège – Durbuy (71km - 6h)
  • Day 5: Durbuy – Rochefort (53km - 4h)
  • Day 6: Rochefort – Anhée (58km - 4h)
  • Day 7: Anhée – Walcourt (42km - 3h)
  • Day 8: Walcourt – Charleroi (50km - 3h30)
  • Day 9: Charleroi - Mons (67km - 4h)
  • Day 10 : Mons-Ath (47km - 3h)
  • Day 11: Ath - Brussels (65km - 5h)

11 days is a bit too long? Try the 6 days option!

In the 6 days version, you will simply skip the steps 3 to 8 of the tour and join Namur and Charleroi thanks to section 5 of the EuroVelo 3.

  • Day 1: EV 5 Brussels - Wavre (52km - 4h)
  • Day 2: EV 5 Wavre - Namur (67km - 5h)
  • Day 3: EV 3 Namur - Charleroi (48km - 3h)
  • Day 4: Charleroi - Mons (67km - 4h)
  • Day 5 : Mons-Ath (47km - 3h)
  • Day 6: Ath - Brussels (65km - 5h)