Along the river

  • 3 days
  • Family friendly
  • Easy
  • All year
  • 119 km
  • 235 m
  • 201 m

Enjoy a 3-day trip in Wallonia along the rivers Meuse and Sambre, stopping off at delicious restaurants on the banks. And, for a fun break, why not hire a paddle-board for an hour? In addition, you will discover the cities of Liège, Namur and Charleroi, with their forts and bell towers.

Last Update: Feb 10, 2022

Practical information

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Detailed itinerary

Day 1: EuroVelo 3 - Liège to Huy (36km - 2h30)

To start your trip, you set off on the Eurovelo 3 - the Pilgrim Route - at the top of Ernest Solvay Street. This is the start of your 3-day trip. To start off, you cycle along the Eurovelo 3 route for 36 kilometres until you reach the city of Huy. You’ll enjoy stunning views of the Meuse river as the route runs right alongside it. After leaving the city of Liège and the industrial zone, all you have to do is keep following the river.

Once you reach your destination, you can spend the afternoon visiting the city and its fortress or you can enjoy the breathtaking view of the city overlooking the Meuse.

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Day 2 : EuroVelo 3 - Huy to Namur (35,6km - 2h30)

A hearty breakfast will set you up for the next 35.6 kilometres trip to Namur. This pleasant ride continues along the banks of the Meuse.

Once you arrive in Namur town, head to the boat La Capitainerie if you want to rent a paddleboard. If you go paddleboarding you can explore both sides of the river, on your own or with a guide. Discover the historical town and enjoy the nice atmospheer of the "Place du vieux".

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Day 3 : EuroVelo 3 - Namur to Charleroi (47,5km - 4h)

There’s no shortage of things to do in the city of Namur. The Citadel of Namur and its spectacular panorama of the Sambre and Meuse rivers are a must-see.

Be prepared before you go as the road leading up to the Citadel entrance is quite steep. The gardens and underground passages, which you can explore on your own or with a guide, make it well worth a visit.

Before heading back, try to plan out a route that will take you by the Belfry of Namur, the symbol the city.

Now it’s time to get back on your bike and rejoin the EuroVelo 3 - Pilgrim's Route and continue your getaway. You still have around 47.5km to go to reach the outskirts of Charleroi, the last leg of the "Along the River" route.

To round off the trip and celebrate having travelled more than 100km, treat yourself to a delicious beer in the restaurant La Manufacture Urbaine. If you fancy a bite to eat, you can reserve a table in advance (the place is pretty famous!).

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Resume of the tour

  • Day 1 : EuroVelo 3 - Liège-Huy (36km)
  • Day 2 : EuroVelo 3 - Huy-Namur (36km)
  • Day 3 : EuroVelo 3 - Namur-Charleroi (47,5km)

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