Plan your bike trip

In order to organise your travel in Belgium trought the EuroVelo routes, we provided you the useful information regarding :

  • How to recognise the EuroVelo signage in Belgium & the different types of signs along the route.
  • How to travel with your bike with the public transports in Belgium but also coming from the Netherlands, France or Luxembourg.
  • How to use the GPS tracks to be downloaded in each section?
  • Where to rent or to maintain a bike starting from France or Luxembourg ? In each section, we also provide the information regarding the closest bike or maintenance shops.
  • How to recognise a ‘Bienvenue Vélo’ labelled location (accommodation, restaurant).
  • What are the sites in neighbouring countries that allow you to continue your route.

In Wallonia, the label “Bienvenue Vélo “ highlights the establishments that offer equipment services and services suitable for welcoming cyclists. This is awarded to accommodation, establishments in the hotel and catering industry, tourist organisations, suppliers and artisans. You can recognise them thanks to the sticker displayed at the entrance.

In Brussels, the network of accommodation suitable for cyclists is the label “ bike friendly “.

Once the route is finished in Belgium, you can continue your trip on the routes in neighbouring countries. In fact, the European bike routes in Belgium are connected to France, Holland, the Netherlands and Luxembourg. If you would like to prepare your trip in the neighbouring countries, there is a lot of information available on the following sites:

Any other question? Please contact the EuroVelo National Coordination Center.