EuroVelo 5 – Via Romea Francigena in Belgium is one of three routes nominated to be "cycle route of the year 2023"!

17 January 2023

Three European cycle routes have been nominated for the chance to win the honorary title of cycle route of the year 2023: EuroVelo 5 in Belgium, the Castle Route on the Danish island of Fyn and the Vänerleden in Sweden have been nominated by the jury in Fiets en Wandelbeurs.

Every route has its own unique charm. For example, EuroVelo 5 passes directly through Brussels, but also guides cyclists through a calmer side of Belgium, along former railways and towpaths. The Castle Route passes through several Danish islands, with beautiful beaches, surprising villages and traditional country houses. The Vänerleden, around the biggest lake in Sweden, is ideal for more adventurous cyclists.

EuroVelo 5, Via Romea Francigena (Belgium), 407 km

EuroVelo 5 takes cyclists from the west to the east of Belgium, through Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia. The route features former railways and towpaths alongside rivers and canals, as well as quiet lanes. Remarkably, the route goes through the centre of Brussels. Brussels' city centre is now a hub for cyclists and pedestrians. The parts along the Dendre and Meuse rivers are absolutely stunning. In the Ardennes, there is some climbing to do, but otherwise the route is generally flat. Cobblestones seem to be inevitable in Belgium. But the most difficult sections are short and they add something authentic!

Discover the EuroVelo 5 in Belgium:

Vänerleden (Sweden), 640 km

The Vänerleden runs around the shoreline of lake Väner, the largest lake in Sweden. You won't often pedal next to the shore, but you will weave past several other lakes. The route passes through forests and rolling meadows, with timber houses all around. You won't meet anybody for kilometres in all directions. Only a few deer and birds! In the summer, you can stop off for coffee and homemade cakes in some very unusual places — from a water mill to a former paper factory. All along the lake you will find beautiful camping spots.

Castle Route (Denmark), 660 km

Cyclists can enjoy spectacular views of the sea, beaches, ports, picturesque towns and impressive country houses. This route also visits smaller islands, which have a very distinctive atmosphere. In Ærø, for example, you will pass through an old village with many artisan shops. With a bit of luck, you will also see dolphins from the boat.

Visit Utrecht on 24 February 2023 to find out who will win.

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