The EuroVelo routes on the Belgian coast

30 September 2021
EV4 PN WES Oostduinkerke Doornpanne Westtoer2

You know the Belgian coast but have you ever ridden it entirely by bike? It is possible to do this thanks to the EuroVelo 4- Central Europe Route and the EuroVelo 12-North Sea cycle route, which runs along the coast. Discover the stunning Belle Époque architecture, the Beaufort sculpture park of contemporary art and Belgium’s rich maritime heritage on the 90 km of road in Belgium

Must see

    As you start on this beautiful trip, you can start in Knokke on the North Sea in Belgium. A short detour to the Zwin Nature Park will allow you to see over 350 species of birds before heading in the opposite direction to France. Halfway across the border, enjoy a lunch break in Ostend with freshly caught fish or a pot of mussels (a famous dish in Belgium).Sailboat and catamaran lovers will also enjoy a stop at Nieuwport marina , considered the largest in Northern Europe. If you have some spare time, take the ferry to IJzermonding nature reserve. The place has a rare wealth of flora and fauna, exceptional to Belgium! You can also continue to Oostduinkerke and visit the National Fisheries Museum , where you can learn about the history of Flemish fishing and shrimp fishing on horseback. As you’re heading to Koksijde, take a stroll head to Koksijde and take a stroll through the Dumont residential area to admire the boats in the quayside. Climb the Hoge Blekker, the highest dune on the coast (33 metres) which leads to a magnificent view of the ocean. It's here in this region of the North Sea that you'll see shrimp fishing on horseback, classified by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Just before arriving in France, visit the oldest fisherman's house in La Panne. This will give you an idea of the lifestyle that fishing families had in the past.

    Family bike friendly route

      This cycle route runs along the beach, giving you a view of the sea, takes you through unique dunes and dune forests, along polders, vast mud flats and marshland. The route is fully cyclable and is entirely signposted. Moreover, the coastal road, in flemish "kustroute" is 90 km long and it is one of the iconic route in Flanders. You can also download the GPX.

      The road is very easy to do and it is flat. You will find many services on the road. An ideal route for families to discover the EuroVelo network. Prefer making more into a two-day trip? The Belgian coast’s hospitality sector welcomes you with open arms!

      Border EV 4 and EV12

      Do you have more time? You can do a loop route on the EuroVelo 12-North Sea Cycle route. This route of roughly 7050 km going through the Nordic countries, the views are breathtaking! Or you can go on the EuroVelo 4-Central Europe to Ukraine and discover the most beautiful medieval riches as well as the history of the old continent on more than 5000 kilometers.

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