The EuroVelo 5 cycle route is entirely signposted in Wallonia

08 December 2020
Eurovelo 5Bis

The signposting of the EuroVelo 5 cycle route throughout Wallonia has just been finalised by the SPW Mobility and Infrastructure. EuroVelo 5, also known as Via Romea Francigena, is one of the 17 cycle routes of the European EuroVelo network. The cycle route will link London to Brindisi in Italy, crossing 7 countries over a distance of more than 3,200 km.

The signposting of the EuroVelo 5 cycle route has just been completed in Wallonia with the installation of signs between La Hulpe, Wavre and Walhain. Crossing our regions from West to East, the route of approximately 420km (285 km in Wallonia) contains a variety of natural, heritage, cultural and gastronomic treasures.

Moreover the four international long-distance cycle routes that are crossing Wallonia are now completely signposted. These are EuroVelo 3, EuroVelo 5, EuroVelo19 (also known as the "Meuse à vélo") and the Vennbahn.

One of the densest cycling networks in Europa

Thanks to the development of cycle networks with nodes, and the 1,450 km of RAVeL, Wallonia is positioned among the Regions of Europe with one of the densest, most comfortable and diversified cycle networks. Moreover, with the multiplication of tourist operators with the "Bienvenue Vélo" label, Wallonia is becoming a real welcoming land for families looking for green tourism.

Although initially the vocation of the Walloon cycle network was mainly for leisure and tourism, thanks to the comfort and safety it offers to users, it now constitutes a major asset for getting around on a daily basis using alternative transport modes to the car.

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