Spotlight on ‘Bikes Welcome’ establishments in Wallonia - Belgium

11 March 2019
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Did you know that nearly 600 establishments (hotels, gites, guestrooms, youth hostels, camp sites), restaurants, tourist attractions, museums, tourist organisations and producers have committed to tailoring their services to the needs of cyclist visi...
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Get ready for your next travel expedition with the International Bike Festival

07 January 2019
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The 34th edition of the International Bike Festival will take place on the 19th and 20th of January, in the neighborough of Vincennes in Paris. ...

The winner of the Bee Breeders’European Velo Stops competition has been releaved

19 December 2018
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The result of the competition resquesting architects to design cost effective, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient cabins has been prouldy announced. ...
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EuroVelo contributes to local economy !

06 December 2018
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Did you know that.. The cycle tourism and the EuroVelo routes are contributing over 44Bn€ to the European economy every year? It is, so far the largest contributor to cycling job in Europe with more than half a million jobs ! A good reason to take a...