Five tourist routes on the EuroVelo 3 to discover the most beautiful cities in Wallonia

12 November 2019
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Since October, you have been able to discover the EuroVelo 3 - Pilgrim's Route through five routes lasting of one to four days. Pass through the cities of Liège, Namur or Charleroi and visit the most beautiful and historical heritage sites in Wallonia... A novelty in terms of cycle tourism, because you will have the opportunity to discover original routes and organise your trip completely independently!

Five topical routes to honour Wallonia

The UNESCO World Heritage sites, the water, the gastronomy, the street art and culture; these were the elements we focused on to help you discover our flagship cities in Wallonia.

The first three routes are accessible to the general public and offer you a day-long route in the cities of Liège, Namur or Charleroi.
all the packages are accessible to

In the Best of Liège tour, you will discover the most beautiful museums and historical heritage sites in the Cité Ardente. Set off to discover the Grand Curtius Museum or La Boverie, Liège’s fine arts museum. Taste a delicious glass of Peket or one of the flavoursome special beers from the Curtius brewery.

For gourmets, Namur’s Good Food offers a route punctuated with gourmet stops that will allow you to discover local initiatives, such as Cup’inn or Empreinte Belge.

In Charleroi, Street Art is highlighted through the Street Art visit, travelling through the Urban Dream and Asphalte projects.

The three day Along the River route accompanies Wallonia’s annual topic by highlighting water. One hundred and nineteen kilometres of route along the Meuse and the Sambre, allowing you to discover the region’s most beautiful landscapes on top of ancient forts and citadels. Dinners beside the river and paddle boarding are without contest the focal points of this trip!

Finally, if you love Belgian history and its heritage sites, you will be tempted by the tour of Belgium UNESCO Sites. Lasting four days and almost 166km, if you take this route, you will discover the Belgian UNESCO World Heritage Sites. The Blegny-Mine, the Belfry of Namur and the Bois du Cazier Mine are therefore some of the stopping points on this programme. But they’re not the only ones! In fact, you will also discover the region’s most beautiful citadels and forts during the exciting cultural stops.

New: self-service packages!

The big novelty of these routes is definitely their freedom of access and service! They provide you with all the practical aspects (routes, practical information, accommodation, stops, etc.) to be able to independently make your trip. All you need to do is download, for free, the GPS tracks to follow the description of the route, having already selected and reserved the attractions, accommodation and restaurants beforehand.

A novel idea allowing you to travel in complete freedom and all of that without addition reservation fees.

Packages for every purse

One of our main preocupation is to offer tourist routes that are accessible to everyone. Therefore, we provide a reference price that allows you to organise a trip that matches your budget.

Each historical, cultural or gastronomic visit is therefore an invitation of discovery and you can reserve them according to you wishes and wallet.

For trips of several days, we have selected two types of accommodation to suit all purses. You can choose to pass the night in one of the region’s charming hotels or to share your room with other travellers in a youth hostel.

Finally, we have selected various hotel and catering establishments, so we can recommend gastronomic places to stop along the route. Interested in an experience like this? Then rush to reserve a table in the establishment that you like the most!

A project born out of the collaboration between several actors

Using a bicycle as an alternative to traditional transport for travel, the wish to showcase Wallonia’s cities along the EuroVelo 3, the desire to create original bike trips and to offer a different way to organise your travel. This is what drove the actors of the project to promote the EuroVelo 3 - Pilgrim’s Route to develop the tourist attraction of the route.

These routes, put together by Pro Velo as part of the COSME European project and supported by ECF, are the result of collaborative work with local partners, such as the Tourism Offices in Namur, Liège, Charleroi and the Wallonia Tourism CGT.

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