Welcome Flanders within the EuroVelo Coordination Center!

04 janvier 2021

We are proud to announce that Flanders is joining the NECC (National EuroVelo Coordination Centres) which is now for the whole of Belgium. Until now, Pro Velo was coordinating the NECC (National EuroVelo Coordination Centres) for the regions Brussels and Wallonia but since 1st January 2021, Pro Velo is also the NECC for Flanders.

Pro Velo is responsible for coordinating the EuroVelo itineraries at national level and is in contact with tourism and mobility operators to ensure that the network develops in a homogenous way. In addition, the NECC is responsible for communicating EuroVelo routes, providing accurate and up-to-date information on the sections of EuroVelo routes on the website and answering user’s questions about the network.

5 EuroVelo routes in Belgium

Five EuroVelo routes are crossing Belgium and they represent around 1000 kilometers of cycling network. The route of the EuroVelo 5 - Via Romea Francigena in Belgium, will introduce you to the European Capital of Brussel and to the rich natural, architectural, cultural and brewing heritage of the country. EuroVelo 3 – the Pilgrilms route will give you a good overview of Wallonia’s cities and will surprise you with its historical monuments and ancient places. The EuroVelo 19 - The Meuse Cycle Route follows one of the most important rivers in Europe and offers ever-changing scenery with charming towns and villages plus plenty of cultural heritage sites and culinary treasures. The EuroVelo 12- North Sea Cycle Route and the EuroVelo 4 –Central Europe Route which goes across Europe from west to east, have a common section in Belgium along the coast and connects seamlessly with the “Kustroute” in Netherlands and “La Vélomaritime” in France. Lovers of culture and coastal gastronomy will find what they are looking for in the bustling coastal towns and lively seaside resorts on a mostly flat geography.

News for 2021

The coming year will bring rich improvements of the EuroVelo network in Belgium. For example, the continuity of signposting, upgrade of the website with all of the EuroVelo routes in Belgium, specific workshops for the professional network, advices for the public concerning the preparation of a Bike trip, micro-adventures on bike and much more…Stay tuned!

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The signposting of the EuroVelo 5 cycle route throughout Wallonia has just been finalised by the SPW Mobility and Infrastructure. EuroVelo 5, also known as Via Romea Francigena, is one of the 17 cycle routes of the European EuroVelo network. The cycle route will link London to Brindisi in Italy, crossing 7 countries over a distance of more than 3,200 km.