The winner of the Bee Breeders’European Velo Stops competition has been releaved

19 décembre 2018

The result of the competition resquesting architects to design cost effective, environmentally friendly and energy-efficient cabins has been prouldy announced.

The shelters will provide space for up to 4 cyclists and their bikes. The cyclists will find equipment to cover their basic needs as such as a kitchen, a shower, a place to rest and some road documentation.

Good news for the users of the EuroVelo route 6 !

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EuroVelo contributes to local economy !

06 décembre 2018
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Did you know that.. The cycle tourism and the EuroVelo routes are contributing over 44Bn€ to the European economy every year? It is, so far the largest contributor to cycling job in Europe with more than half a million jobs !

A good reason to take a bike for visiting Europe and take part of our local economy.