Coastal Route is the first in a new series of Flemish icon cycling routes

29 octobre 2020

The new Coastal Route has been officially opened. The unique cycling route (93 km) is the first of eight Flemish ‘icon cycling routes’. The new themed routes will replace the classic LF routes as of spring 2021. With the icon cycling routes, Flanders wants to strengthen its reputation as an international destination for cycling holidays.

A new cycling offering for Flanders

The themed routes will be known as the ‘icon cycling routes’ and will follow the official cycling network. They are a selection of the most beautiful and safest routes. Great care has been taken to ensure that the start and end points are in close proximity to public transport connections and that they link up to routes in Wallonia, the Netherlands and France. Signposts will be placed in both directions.

The new Flemish icon cycling routes will replace the LF routes, which were created almost 30 years ago. The signposts for the old LF routes will be gradually dismantled as of the 2020 autumn holiday and will be completely gone by the start of spring 2021.

The Coastal Route as a pioneer

The Coastal Route (93 km) is the first new icon cycling route to be launched in Flanders. It will replace the almost 20-year-old ‘Coastal Cycling Route’ by Westtoer and will also replace the LF1 North Sea Cycling Route.

Tourist cycling: a European affair

The Coastal Route seamlessly connects to the Dutch Coastal Route and ‘La Vélomaritime’ in France, blurring the lines between the countries and ensuring that you can continue your cycling trip across borders.

Flanders also has four EuroVelo (EV) routes. EuroVelo is a network of European signposted long-distance cycling routes. The Coastal Route is part of EV4 (Central Europe Route) and EV12 (North Sea Cycle Route). The Maas Route is the Flemish part of EV19 (Meuse Cycle Route). The Hills Route will occasionally link up with EV5 (Via Romea Francigena). This means holiday cyclists travelling through different countries can see as much of Flanders, the cycling country, as possible.

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