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30 mars 2021
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This is it! The 5 EuroVelo routes that cross Belgium can be found on There you can find a description of the routes and also download the GPX routes section by section. There you will also discover information on the infrastructure and the signage, the tourist attractions you can visit, and lots of other advice to prepare your bike trip for a day, a weekend or during your holidays.

5 routes for more than 1000km of discoveries in Belgium

The EuroVelo network is made up of 17 long-distance routes crossing the whole of Europe across more than 90,000km. In Belgium, the 5 EuroVelo routes continue across more than 1000km and offer an overview of varied and preserved nature, a unique industrial heritage, many UNESCO sites, not-to-be-missed local products and, not to forget, the unbeatable Belgian welcome!

You can therefore travel along the EuroVelo 3- the Pilgrims Route, which links Trondheim (Norway) to Santiago de Compostela (Spain) across 5300km. There you will discover an overview of the vast historical heritage and the post-industrial era of the two valleys of the Meuse and the Sambre, as well as Wallonia’s cultural diversity in cities such as Liège, Namur and Charleroi. In this region, you can also find the UNESCO sites in Belgium that are not to be missed!

The EuroVelo 5 - Via Romea Francigena, which links Canterbury (England) to Brindisi (Italy), will delight you through the country’s rich natural, architectural, cultural and brewing heritage. The 3200km route will lead you along calm routes via picturesque locks, historic drawbridges, natural wilderness parks and villages full of charm. You will be able to conquer the Sonian Forest and discover Brussels curiosities.

The North Sea wind will push you along the Belgian coastline across the 2 routes borrowing the same route in Belgium: the EuroVelo 4- Central Europe Route linking Roscoff (France) to Kiev (Ukraine) and the EuroVelo 12- the North Sea Cycle Route. Known in Flanders under the name Kustroute, this route will guide you along the beaches of the Belgian coast where riding a bike is a wonderful experience for the whole family.

As for the EuroVelo 19, also called the Meuse Cycle Route, linking Langres (France) to Rotterdam (Holland) across more than 1000km, the cycle route will allow you to discover incredible castles perched on spectacular rock faces and will take you to Limbourg on the charming west shore.

Belgium, a top biking destination!

Travelling along the European routes in Belgium is fun and accessible for everyone! In fact, for the most part, the EuroVelo routes 3, 5 and 19 in Wallonia follow the RAVeL networks, always with their own dedicated lanes, of high quality and secure, reassuring that you will have a perfect bike experience. In Brussels, the EuroVelo 5 crosses on both sides of the European capital on the regional cycle routes. In Flanders, the EuroVelo routes 4, 12 and 19 follows the iconic cycle rides, which are themselves based on the network of numbered junctions.

The EuroVelo network in Belgium is one of the best developed networks in Europe: the majority of the network is marked and the quality infrastructures are in no way inferior to their European cousins known for their cycle networks. Belgium is definitely a top biking destination!

So, are you ready to get on your bike to experience a great adventure?

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