EuroVelo 4

Central Europe Route

The Central Europe Route is crossing Belgium by the coastal route. Moreover, the coastal road, in flemish "kustroute" is 90 km long and it is one of the iconic route in Flanders. This cycle route runs along the beach, giving you a view of the sea, takes you through unique dunes and dune forests, along polders, vast mud flats and marshland. Lovers of culture and coastal gastronomy can indulge in their passion in the bustling coastal towns and vibrant seaside resorts.

Discover the stunning Belle Époque architecture, the Beaufort sculpture park of contemporary art and Belgium’s rich maritime heritage. Two ferries in the ports of Nieuwpoort and Ostende take you across the water.

Prefer making a two-day trip? The Belgian coast’s hospitality sector welcomes you with open arms!

The ‘Kustroute’ is part of the international long-distance routes EuroVelo 4 (Central Europe Route) and EuroVelo 12 (North Sea Cycle Route) and dovetails seamlessly with the ‘Kustroute’ in the Netherlands and ‘La Vélomaritime’ in France.

Do you want to discover more about the region? Go to the website of Westtoer.

Would you like to travel on the EuroVelo 4 in Holland ? Find information about the route on the
Fietsplatform website.

For those who want to continue their trip along the route in France, have a look at the French website : France Velo Tourisme.

More about EuroVelo 4

Cycling 5,100 km across Europe from west to east provides a fascinating insight into the world’s second most densely populated continent. Waiting for you are outstanding medieval architecture, dynamic cities and history lessons, and yet you can still get away from the crowds on this route, visiting France’s dramatic northern coastline and by
crossing through the fairy tale Bohemian Forest. EuroVelo 4 is so diverse, you won’t know where to begin.

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