EuroVelo 3

Pilgrims Route

Traversing Belgium, Eurovelo 3 is approximately 200 km long and will give you a good overview of Wallonia’s cities. Crossing Liège, Namur and Charleroi, the route will surprise you with its historical monuments and ancient places. Enjoying the bucolic landscapes of the Land of Herve and the gastronomy of the region is a must-do.

Arriving on the city of Aachen in Germany biking the Ox Road, the Pilgrims Route leads you to the city of Liège. Once there you will soon arrive to the symbolic place of the "Three Borders" between Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands. After around ten kilometers, you reach the RAVeL, line 38, making you discover the groves of the Land of Herve ('Pays de Herve') in a green and luminous view. You can admire and appreciate this beautiful landscape through several panorama. While leaving the metropolis of Liège, you can follow the RAVeL of the Meuse and then of the Sambre rivers. This itinerary gives you an overview of the large historic heritage, linked to the river and the post-industrial age of the two valleys on the one hand, and the cultural diversity of Wallonia in cities like Namur and Charleroi on the other. Before arriving in France, the calm atmosphere of the bucolic landscapes of the Haute Sambre will give you an unexpected encounter with the aquatic and bird life.

Would you like to travel on the EuroVelo 3 in Germany? Find information about the route on the ADFC website.

For those who want to continue their trip along the route in France, have a look at the French website.

Do you want to discover more in Wallonia? Go to the website RAVeL and Wallonie Belgique Tourisme.

More about EuroVelo 3

Looking for a bit of culture on your next cycle trip but still want to party? EuroVelo 3 might be the answer. The route will give you a taste of some of Europe’s famous pilgrims routes and along the roughly 5,100km long way you will be able to discover some of the continent’s most impressive religious buildings, including the impressive cathedrals of Cologne, Aachen and Santiago de Compostela. Linking these sites you will pass through many exciting cities famous for their unbeatable nightlife, including Hamburg and Paris.

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