As you leave Namur, you are enveloped by the relaxing atmosphere of the Meuse RAVeL. You pass through the village of Wépion, recognised the world over for its strawberries. You gradually enter the most beautiful part of the Meuse valley with its many cliffs and superb sites such as the famous Annevoie gardens.

When you reach Rivière, look up. You may see those daredevils of the skies, hang-gliders, launching themselves from the top of the Sept Meuses beauty spot. Just after Anhée, you will see the ruins of the feudal castle of Poilvaches overlooking the Meuse from their rocky spur.

As you approach Dinant, you will see several hectares of vines lining the hillside. At the foot of the citadel, on the quaysides along the Meuse, the town of the Copères (as the people of Dinant are known) tempts your taste buds and invites you to savour its famous couques (honey biscuits) or enjoy a boat trip.

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The route

The entire stage runs along its own RAVeL path. It starts on the Grognon site at the foot of the citadel, at the confluence of the Sambre RAVeL and the Meuse RAVeL. Go down the ramp to the RAVeL on the right bank of the Sambre. After 100 metres, you reach the Meuse RAVeL. Follow the Meuse on the left bank to Dinant.

Surface: Mainly smooth. From Namur to Anhée, alternating asphalt and passable cobblestones. Note that at the Houx lock, the surface changes from asphalt to fine dolomite rock for three kilometres.

Height difference: Flat.

Signs: Full directional signs with EV5 identification panels are in place.


  • In Namur, connections with the EV3 international route and with the W6 regional route, either towards Charleroi or towards Huy and Liège.
  • From Namur, stage shared with the W5 regional route as far as the Bouvignes-sur-Meuse lock.
  • Between La Plante lock in Namur and the Bouvignes-sur-Meuse lock (approximately one kilometre before Dinant), the stage is shared with The Meuse by bike international route.
  • As you leave Anhée, you can join the Line 150A RAVeL (Molignée valley) towards Maredsous, Fosses-la-Ville and the Sambre valley. Line 150 is part of the W4 regional route.
  • Just before Dinant, at the Bouvignes lock, The Meuse by bike route and the EV5 route separate. The Meuse by bike continues straight on towards Dinant. If you cross the lock, you follow the EV5 towards Ciney.

Practical information


  • Namur (right bank of the Sambre), in the place called Le Grognon, rue du Grognon.
  • Coordinates Lambert 72: X: 185498 m - Y: 128001 m.
  • GPS coordinates : Latitude : 50°27'42.35 "N - Longitude : 4°52'7.33 "E.
  • Access by train: Namur Belgian railway station.
  • Access by car: parking spaces available on site.


  • Bouvignes-sur-Meuse lock, avenue Colonel Cadoux in Dinant (left bank of the Meuse).
  • Coordinates Lambert72 : X : 188173 - Y : 106400
  • GPS coordinates: Latitude: 50°16'2.64'' N - Longitude: 4°54'15.04'' E
  • To go to the centre of the town upon arriving: Go along the Meuse following the RAVeL on the left bank.
  • To return or continue by train: Dinant railway station. Go along the Meuse following the RAVeL on the left bank for approximately one kilometre. Just before the bridge, turn right twice. The railway station is in front of you to the left.
  • Rest areas:
    • La Plante park in Namur.
    • Promenade de Meuse in Wépion.


  • RAVeL map of the Province of Namur published by the SPW. This map, called ‘More RAVeL, more pleasure’, can be ordered free of charge by clicking here.

Around the route by bike:

  • The Pays de Namur region by bike: here.
  • Anhée VeloTour: here.

Practical Info

Bike rental and maintenance along the route

Au Vélo d’Or
Bike rental     Maintenance
Pro Velo Namur
Adnet Cycles & Fils
Bike rental      
Avenue de la Plante 3d, 5000 Namur
Rem's bike évasion
Bike rental     Maintenance
Route de la Molignée 71, 5530 Yvoir
Dakota Raid
Bike rental      
Rue du Vélodrome 15, 5500 Dinant

Train station

Gare de Namur
Place de la Station, 1 5000 Namur
Gare de Lustin
Rue de la Gare, 5170 Profondeville
Gare de Godinne
Rue Grande 7, 5530 Godinne
Gare de Dave St-Martin
Rue Saint-Martin, 5100 Dave
Gare de Yvoir
Place de la Gare 1, 5530 Yvoir
Gare de Dinant
Avenue Franchet d'Esperey 1, 5500 Dinant

Tourism office

Office du Tourisme de Namur - Centre Info gare
Place de la Station, 5000 Namur
Office du Tourisme de Namur
Hôtel de Ville, 5000 Namur
Office du Tourisme de Profondeville
Bike rental      
Chaussée de Dinant 2, 5170 Profondeville
Maison du Tourisme Vallée de la Meuse Namur Dinant
Bike rental      
Avenue colonel cadoux, 8 - 5500 Dinant/ Place de la Station – 5000 Namur
Maison du Tourisme de Dinant et la Haute Meuse dinantaise
Avenue Colonel Cadoux 8, 5500 Dinant
+32(82) 22 28 70


Ruines médiévales de Poilvache
Ruines médiévales de Poilvache
Chemin de Poilvache, 5530 Yvoir
La Maison du Patrimoine médiéval Mosan
La Maison du Patrimoine médiéval Mosan
Place du Baillage 16, 5500 Bouvignes
Les draisines de la Molignée
Rue de la Molignée 116, 5537 Anhée
Les Jardins d’Annevoie
Rue des Jardins 37, 5537 Annevoie
Musée des arts anciens
Hôtel de Gaiffier d’Hestroy Rue de fer 24, 5000 Namur
Musée Félicien Rops
Musée Félicien Rops
Rue Fumal 12, 5000 Namur
Musée de la Fraise
Musée de la Fraise
Chaussée de Dinant 1037, 5100 Wépion
Parfumerie Guy Delforge
Parfumerie Guy Delforge

This creation centre, unrivalled in Northern Europe, explains the different phases in the creation of a perfume.

The perfumes come to life and mature in the entrails of the Citadel, in a blockhouse of the era of Charles V! This “sound, light and perfume” show is so enchanting that it makes you forget the outside world.

Route Merveilleuse 60 5000 Namur
La Capitainerie
La Capitainerie

Have a drink on the floating terrace in a friendly, retro-chic ambiance. Stand Up Paddleboard, Blob Jump, Catamosans (boats without permit, from 8 to 12 seats)…

Boulevard de la Meuse 38 5100 Jambes
Namur Citadel
Namur Citadel

Built on an impressive rocky spur, this exceptional heritage site has conserved traces of each period of its 2000-year-old history. Once a residence for the Counts of Namur in the Middle Ages, then transformed into a holiday home by King Leopold II, it is now a sought-out location for events, guided visits and walks in a verdant surrounding with spectacular views over the city.

Route Merveilleuse 64 5000 Namur
Belfry of Namur
Belfry of Namur

In the 14th century, the Belfry of Namur was one the collegiate church's
towers. A fire destroyed it in 1745, and the Tour Saint-Jacques,
originally built as part of the city wall in 1388, was chosen as the new belfry. It is the
oldest of the three towers of the medieval fortifications.
20 metres high, the Tour Saint-Jacques is listed by UNESCO as a
stunning example of the 14th century military architecture.

Rue du Beffroi 5000 Namur
+32 81 24 64 44


Salaisons du Pont d'Amour
Rue Pont d'Amour, 4 5500 Dinant


The Royal Snail Hotel
Avenue de la Plante 23 5000 Namur, Belgique
Auberge de Jeunesse de Namur
Avenue Félicien Rops 8, 5000 Namur.
081 22 36 88