Welcome to the Limburg Meuse Valley. Land of water, nature and small picturesque villages. This stage takes you along the most beautiful pieces of nature in the Meuse valley. While pedalling you will be rewarded with beautiful viewpoints and surprising heritage sites. You follow the ‘Maasroute’ signs, taking you along the Meuse over the famous Limburg cycle node network.

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This part of the Meuse Cycle route goes through the Meuse Valley River Park nature reserve. Were many parts of the river are straightened for shipping, over here in Limburg the river is still wild. The water flowing down from the Ardennes is free to meander and create the most unique patches of astonishing nature. You can enjoy all this out of the saddle or jump of and stroll into the nature reserve to discover the typical fauna and flora. You may just meet some friendly large grazers, Scottish Highlanders, Galloway cattle or Konik horses, the self-reliant maintenance team of the Meuse Valley.

The Meuse river has always had historical importance. Along the route you’ll discover historical villages and medieval castles. But the absolute pearl is the city of Maaseik, where culture and nature flow together. The city is inseparable from the famous Flemish Primitives painters Jan and Hubert Van Eyck. Their statue proudly looks out over the cosy market square. You will be immersed in museums, brasseries and cultural-historical sights.

Along the way you can enjoy the regional specialties in various bike friendly cafes. Or take a sip of the high-quality Limburg wines? You can even cross the border! With one of the little ferries you can easily cross the Meuse to the Dutch bank.

Between Maastricht and Roermond, there are two potential routes. In fact, it is also possible to travel along the LF Maasroute by borrowing the Dutch route from Roermond to the city of Maastricht - you could even turn it into a circular route by coming back via the Limbourg route. You can choose!

The vlaamse icoonroutes offers an incredible route along one of the most beautiful rivers in the south of Holland: The Meuse. Visit the website of the vlaamse icoonroutes for more information.

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Bike rental and maintenance along the route

Vespa Maaseik
Bike rental    
VVV Kinrooi
Bike rental    
Maascentrum De Wissen
Bike rental    

Train station

Train Station Weert
Stationsplein 14, 6001 CH, Weert
Train Station Roermond
Stationsplein 8, 6041 GN Roermond, Nederland
Train Station Maastricht
Stationsplein 29, 6221 BT Maastricht, Nederland

Tourism office

Meuse Visitorcenter De Wissen
Negenoordlaan 2, 3650 Dilsen-Stokkem
Toerisme Maasmechelen
Bike rental    
Zetellaan 35, 3630 Maasmechelen
+32 89 76 98 88
Toerisme Maaseik
Bike rental     Maintenance
Markt 45, 3680 Maaseik
+32 89 81 92 90
Domein Pietersheim
Bike rental    
Neerharenweg 12, 3620 Lanaken
+32 89 71 21 20


Aldeneyck Vineyard
Aldeneyck Vineyard

The Aldeneyck vineyard of more than 10 ha is located on a south-eastern slope along the Meuse in the village Aldeneik. High-quality Pinot wines are cultivated here. The sun-drenched vines, with their feet in the mineral-rich pebble and gravel soils, have already won the title of 'Best Wine in Belgium' several times. Feel free to put them to the test.

Hamontweg 81, 3680 Maaseik
Market square Maaseik
Market square Maaseik
Markt, 3680 Maaseik
Meuse Valley River Park
Meuse Valley River Park

The Meuse Valley River Park is a vast landscape park along the banks of the Meuse in Limburg. Here you will find unique ecosystems with rare plants and animals. Herbs, flowers, butterflies, dragonflies, water birds and even beavers feel at home here. You can encounter Konik horses and Galloway cattle.

Lanaken, Maasmechelen, Dilsen-Stokkem, Maaseik, Kinrooi
Church treasures St. Catherine’s Church

The neoclassical St. Catherine's Church contains special church treasures. The Codex Eyckensis is the oldest gospel book in the Benelux. You'll also discover the oldest preserved Anglo-Saxon textiles in Europe. The church itself is also definitely worth a visit.

Grote Kerkstraat, 3680 Maaseik
Maasmechelen Village Outlet Shopping
Maasmechelen Village Outlet Shopping

Maasmechelen Village is home to more than 100 boutiques offering leading local and international brands at reduced prices all year round with savings of 30 to 60% on the recommended retail price. The spacious 21st-century village-style setting lends itself to a relaxed and stress-free atmosphere.

Zetellaan 100, 3630 Maasmechelen

The 'Paters' church, the old distillery Senden, the water mill, the Ucoverpoort with drost house, the Old God square, the old courthouse, a lot of beautiful private houses and the castle d'Aspremont-Lynden. No wonder this village got elected most beautiful village of Flanders.

Kanaalstraat 11, 3620 Lanaken
Water Castle Pietersheim

In the middle of the dense pine and beech forests you find the restored water castle Pietersheim. Computersimulations take you all the way back to the time of the lords of Pietersheim. 3D animations show you the evolution of this 12th-century castle into a 16th-century castle.

Waterstraat 52, 3620 Lanaken

Specific information regarding long term maintenance work

Fietshandel Breuls
Maj.Berbenlaan 2, 3630 Maasmechelen
Hoogbaan 81A, 3650 Dilsen-Stokkem
Bikeshop Chrischou
Van Eycklaan 80/1, 3680 Maaseik
Fietsen de Leemhoek
Stationsstraat 38A, 3680 Maaseik
Rijwielen Ronny Hornix
Venlosesteenweg 32, 3640 Kinrooi