On RAVeL Line 38 and Ourthe

During this stage, RAVeL Line 38 gradually leaves the wooded countryside of Pays de Herve. From the "Hasard" slag heap between Retinne and Micheroux, Line 38 is a true ecological corridor and a green lung for residents as the densification of housing in the Liège urban area increases. The users, who take it for their leisure and tourist travel, now rub shoulders with everyday users who take it to go to work, school or even shopping.

A special feature of this section of Line 38 is the conversion of several former railway heritage stations to new functions: bar/restaurant, function room, bakery/tea room, municipal administrative centre.

A very beautiful view of the impressive Notre-Dame de Chèvremont basilica marks the end of Line 38.

After a short period in car traffic, the Ourthe valley RAVeL calmly leads you to the Cité Ardente (Liège). Its folklore, the warmth of its inhabitants and its lively neighbourhoods day and night make it an essential stage of EuroVelo 3. You will remember its historic heart, its many museums, the district of Carré as well as the hillsides of the Citadel, which offer walkers a vast green space in the heart of the city.

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From the Pays de Herve Tourist Office, follow RAVeL line 38 on dedicated cycle paths. You cross Melen, then Soumagne/Micheroux, Retinne, Fléron, Beyne-Heusay, Bois de Breux, Grivegnée and you arrive at the end of RAVeL Line 38 at Rue du Châlet, at the start of Vaux-sous-Chèvremont.

Line 38 will continue on dedicated cycle paths along the TGV to the Ourthe at Chênée RAVeL. In the meantime, a connecting route of about 3km (! heavy car traffic) is expected from the rue des Combattants roundabout, under the TGV bridge in Vaux-sous-Chèvremont. Follow signs towards Liège, taking the N621 regional road. After passing over the Vesdre, turn right on the N61 until the traffic light junction with the N30. At this point, turn right. Then take a left onto Rue Denis Lecocq at the following traffic lights (just after passing under the railway bridge), towards Angleur. After 100m, exit rue Denis Lecocq on your left and take the pedestrian cycling footbridge (red colour), which allows you to cross the Ourthe. Once you are on the left bank of the river, just follow RAVeL Ourthe. You will pass the Belle-Île shopping centre and reach the end of your stage at the Quai du Condroz.

Surfacing: lime-ash for 2km (and therefore muddy pathways in rainy weather) until Melen, then overall asphalt or concrete over the rest of the stage.

Incline: negligible slope, slightly downhill to Liege.

Signposting: the entire stage has signposting on a blue background on Line 38 and on an orange background for the short connection between RAVeL Line 38 and Ourthe between Vaux-sous-Chèvremont and Chênée.

Safety, precautions: on RAVeL Line 38, pay attention to road crossings. Heavy car traffic on the short connection between RAVeL Line 38 and Ourthe between Vaux-sous-Chèvremont and Chênée.


  • Shared stage with the W2 regional route. On the Quai du Condroz at the start of Liège, near the Fétinne/Fragnée Bridge, the W2 regional route branches off towards Liège, then takes you to Waremme and Brussels.
  • From Vaux-Sous-Chèvremont, shared stage with the regional W6 route.
  • When you reach RAVeL Ourthe at Chênée, you join the W7 regional route. If you follow theEV3 towards Liège, the W7 route is shared. If you turn off in the opposite direction and go back up RAVeL Ourthe, the W7 route takes you towards Esneux and Durbuy.

Practical information:

Starting point:

  • Pays de Herve Tourist Office, Rue de la Gare 1, 4650 Herve
  • Lambert 72 coordinates: X: 250550m - Y: 148920 m
  • GPS coordinates: Latitude: 50°38'32.06"N - Longitude: 5°47'25.43"E
  • Car parking available at the starting point.

Arrival point:

  • Quai du Condroz 27 -29, 4031 Angleur (Liege), along the Ourthe, facing Gramme School, not far from the Fétinne/Fragnée Bridge and the Belle-Île shopping centre.
  • Lambert 72 coordinates: X: 236260m - Y: 146122 m
  • GPS coordinates: Latitude: 50°37'9.75"N -Longitude: 5°35'15.88"E

Arriving at the centre of the locality: to reach the centre of Liège, just follow the international route signposted and marked La Meuse à Vélo or the W7 regional route for 3km: continue along RAVeL Ourthe towards Liège until Fétinne Bridge. You cross the bridge and immediately take a left to join the RAVeL on the right bank of the Ourthe. You arrive at the confluence between the Ourthe and the Meuse. You follow the RAVeL Meuse for about 2km until you reach the Saucy bike-pedestrian footbridge which allows you to reach the historical heart of the City of Liège.

Return or continue by train: Liège-Guillemins station to any destination. To get to the train station, follow the Meuse Cycle Route to Boverie Park. In the park, take the bike-pedestrian footbridge to cross the Meuse and follow the path to the Liège-Guillemins monumental railway station approved by the Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava.


  • RAVeL map of the Liège province published by the SPW. This map, called "More RAVeL, more fun", can be ordered for free by clicking here.
  • RAVeL Line 38 Leaflet published by the Pays de Herve Tourist Office

Variation: as an alternative, you can start the stage at the city Aix-la-Chapelle/Aachen (D), which is about 6km from the starting point of the route, at a place known as "Trois Frontières".

Practical Info

Bike rental and maintenance along the route

Pro Velo Liège
Bike rental     Maintenance

Train station

Gare de Liège
Place des guillemins, 2 4000 - Liège Belgique

Tourism office

Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Liège
Quai de la Goffe 13 4000 Liège
+32 (0)4 221 92 21
Maison du tourisme du Pays de Herve
Bike rental     Maintenance
Place de la Gare, 1 4650 Herve


Blegny Mine
Blegny Mine

Located between Liège and Maastricht, Blegny-Mine is one of the four authentic coal mines in Europe with underground galleries accessible for the visitors through the original shaft.

Rue Lambert Marlet 23 4670 Blégny
Aquarium-Museum of Liège
Aquarium-Museum of Liège

Approximately 200 species of ocean, sea, lake and river fishes from around the world populate the 50 pools of the Aquarium and stuffed animals from every continent are exhibited at the muséum.

Quai Edouard Van Beneden 22 4020 Liège
Place Saint Lambert
Place Saint Lambert

The very heart of the city with the big palace of the prince-bishops.

Place St Lambert 4000 Liège
La Boverie - Fine Arts & Exhibitions
La Boverie - Fine Arts & Exhibitions

A fine arts museum and a centre for international exhibitions situated in a beautiful park with a rose garden, the Nicolas Schöffer Tower and a modern footbridge. A lovely place for walks.

Parc de la Boverie 4020 Liège
The Guillemins Station
The Guillemins Station

This work of the great Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava was open in 2009. Strong architectural symbol, it is one of the most beautiful railway stations in Europe.

Place des guillemins, 2 4000 Liège
Liège Citadel and his hillside
Liège Citadel and his hillside

The hillside of the citadel is a popular spot classed 3 stars in the famous Michelin Green Guide. Having wandered through streets bathed in history, you will find yourself behind the city scenes, traversing a labyrinth of courtyards, steps, alleys, gardens and meadows.

Boulevard du 12ème de Ligne, 4000 Liège
Domaine de Wégimont
Domaine de Wégimont

Domaine de Wégimont : castle, swimming-pools, recreation centre, fishing ponds, arboretum, camping, all in one place !

Chaussée de Wégimont 76, 4630 Soumagne
Gare De Liege Guillemins Cwbt Denis Erroyaux Min
Along EuroVelo 3 on Section 2 and Section 3

Best of Liège

  • 1 day
  • Family friendly
  • Easy
  • All year
  • 14 km
  • 133 m
  • 133 m

Discover the best of Liège on a bike. Visit the city and its most famous places and parks.

Visit La Boverie, Liège’s fine arts museum and the Grand Curtius Museum, which houses various of the city’s collections. Enjoy a peket, the region’s most characteristic drink or a special beer from the Curtius Brewery and a delicious waffle.

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