Section 06

Namur to Dinant

  • 27km
  • 466m
  • 485m
  • 19m
  • difficulty medium

Upon leaving Namur, you will be surrounded by the relaxing atmosphere of the Meuse RAVeL. You will pass through the village of Wépion, which is world-famous for its strawberry fields. You will now progressively enter the most beautiful landscape of the valley of the Meuse, with many cliffs and sumptuous sites, such as the famous gardens of Annevoie.

On arriving at Rivière, keep your eyes peeled as you may be able to spot hang gliders, flying down from the top of the Sept Meuses. Shortly after Anhée, you will be able to see the ruins of the Poilvache Castle, overlooking the Meuse from the top of its rocky spur.

When you arrive at Dinant, several hectares of vineyards lay across the side of the valley. At the foot of the citadel, on the quays of the Meuse, the city of the ‘Copères’ (the Dinantais) – derived from the English word ‘copper’ – invites you to taste its famous «couques» or to take a boat trip.

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This section is entirely part of the RAVeL network. It starts in Grognon, at the foot of the Citadel, at the confluence of RAVeL of La Sambre and La Meuse. Descend the ramp that leads you onto the RAVeL route on the right bank of the Sambre river. After 100 m you will reach the Meuse RAVeL. Follow the Meuse on its left bank until you reach Dinant.

Practical info

Bike rental and maintenance along the route

Pro Velo Namur
Bike rental     Maintenance
Point vélo de la gare de Namur. Place de la Station 1, 5000 Namur
Bike rental     Maintenance
Chaussée de Namur 14, 5170 Profondeville
Bike rental     Maintenance
Rue Saint Roch 17, 5500 Dinant
Altitude zéro
Bike rental     Maintenance
Chaussée de Marche 891, 5100 Namur
Bike rental     Maintenance
Avenue de la Plante 3d, 5000 Namur
Rem's bike évasion
Bike rental     Maintenance
Route de la Molignée 71, 5530 Yvoir
Dakota Raid
Bike rental     Maintenance
Rue du Vélodrome 15, 5500 Dinant
+32(0)478/380 348

Train station

Gare de Lustin
Rue de la Gare, 5170 Profondeville
Gare de Godinne
Rue Grande 7, 5530 Godinne
Gare de Dave St-Martin
Rue Saint-Martin, 5100 Dave
Gare de Yvoir
Place de la Gare 1, 5530 Yvoir
Gare de Dinant
Avenue Franchet d'Esperey 1, 5500 Dinant

Tourism office

Maison du Tourisme du Pays de Namur
Place de la Station, 5000 Namur
Maison du Tourisme de Dinant et la Haute Meuse dinantaise
Avenue Colonel Cadoux 8, 5500 Dinant