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Brussels to Wavre

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Welcome to Brussels, capital of Belgium and Europe! Along your way, you will enjoy various kind of urban landscapes, ultimately reaching the heart of the city from its quiet outskirts. Here you will find trendy shops and restaurants along the Dansaert street, and be able to discover lots of city’s major attractions. We continue to the majestic Cinquantenaire Park, before reaching the Soignes Forest. After the forest, you will go to the Hulpe Castle and Rixensart village. If you are traveling with children, be sure to consider a break at Walibi amusement park before arriving in Wavre.

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This section begins at the boundary between the Flemish and the Brussels Capital Regions, right after leaving Halle, and heads to Tervuren, making its way past the most important places of Brussels. Along the Canal, you will find many old industrial remnants, some of which have been transformed into museums or hotels. Crossing the city centre and the UNECSO classified Grand Place, this section continues to the Royal Square and many green areas, such as the Cinquentaire park and Parc Royal, before reaching the Soignes Forest.

Brussels is an ideal place to cycle, offering various types of environments: the intense activity of the city centre, full of fashion shops, museums and regularly hosting cultural events in its pedestrian area, contrasts with the calm of its parks and the quiet majesty of the Soignes Forest. As the capital of Europe, Brussels has a rich history which you will be able to discover at the BELvue and La Fonderie museums. Brussels is also famous for its chocolate, beer and French fries. You will easily find places to savour these, but also to learn more about their fabrication process. The Chocolate museum welcomes you in the city centre, the Stock Exchange building will soon be reconverted in a Beer Temple, and some ancient breweries still produce beer to this day!

Of course, Brussels is also famous for pictorial art: don't miss the Royal Museum with its wide range of Flemish masters, nor the Magritte Museum!

From the Soignes forest to Wavre, you can follow the panels of the regional itinerary W2 "Beer route".

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  • Gare de Bruxelles-Midi
    Avenue Fonsny 47B, 1060 Bruxelles
  • Gare de Bruxelles-Luxembourg
    Rue du Trève, 1050 Bruxelles
  • Gare de Bruxelles-Nord
    Rue du Progrès 76, 1030 Schaerbeek
  • Gare de Waterloo
    Place de la gare, 1410 Waterloo

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